Copy Writing

I have an academic background in language. And I am a strong writer and editor of blogs, headlines, press releases, reports, articles, video scripts and more.

Digital Marketing

Manages all aspects of digital marketing, including front end web design, content, social media and email marketing, ecommerce and  advertising.

Web Content

Fresh content for your website and social media feeds. Once your website is optimized, this is one of the best ways to draw in more traffic. You also need an attractive site.

organic sprouts

Content for Your Website

Fresh web content is a significant factor in search engine rankings. It gives brands something to share on social media and establishes loyalty. I will plant an organic garden of web content on your website and then water it with links and encourage it.

Organic Digital Marketing

I strongly recommend you do not use black hat techniques. This is the equivalent of spraying yucky pesticides that kill everything in the yard. Online marketing is simply a matter of web content, social interactions and improving processes.

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Next Steps...

To inquire please email, and indicate if you would rather speak over the phone.

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