Enova Community Energy EV bulk-buy

Enova Community Energy is Australia’s first community-owned electricity retailer. It is a social enterprise, built from the ground up by the people, for the people.  We know that the Northern Rivers Enova community of customers, shareholders and supporters is passionate about changing the energy system. Together we are taking the next steps on the road to zero emissions by decarbonising how we drive!

On 22 February we launched our bulk-buy. There will be an entire month of test drives and information sessions. Driving electric, driving change. If you haven't already, you can enrol in the bulk-buy below.


The virtual covid safe launch event featured special guests and EV advocates such as Giles Parkinson (thedriven.io), Christobel Munson (zeb.org), Felicity Stenning (Enova CEO) and Mandy Nolan.  It was an entertaining and information rich session.

You can view a recording of the launch below. If you've got any questions check out the FAQ's or reach out to us at info@goodcar.co



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