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Phrases like ‘organic’ and ‘deep’ are more than just buzzwords of the moment, they actually mean something.

When someone uses an expression without fully comprehending the meaning of the word it can have disastrous effects. By their very definition the following words and idioms actually mean something.


Organic web content means that it is produced for the purpose of sharing ideas or improving a website. It was created by a real person using all natural ingredients, like they did in the good old days, but with the internet. Ideally a human audience recognizes the blog for it’s intrinsic value to inform and entertain. This in turn inspires them to interact with the website and share it on their social media feeds — ideally causing it to go viral.


Deep is not just a thought provoking statement. It is a complex web with multiple layers of meaning. If someone is deep they look beyond the moment and consider the bigger picture. They do not do things for immediate gain that might seem like they are working at first but have far reaching negative consequences. For example shoplifting. Buying followers might seem like a good idea but if no one sees your brand then you are just stroking your ego.


Thinking outside the box is a retro catchphrase that is still used today. If you think outside the box then you do not necessarily agree with everyone all the time just because it is the most popular thing to do. Some people say they want you to think outside the box when really what they want is for you to agree with them. This is akin to doing the same thing over and over, and then expecting different results.

Public figures who have thought outside the box include the founders of billion dollar companies and renowned scientists. As the ancient Romans put it, “Fortune favors the bold.”

If someone is throwing a lot of buzzwords in your direction, make sure that they understand what they are saying. Otherwise it could be a sign they are actually a sales person marketing a gimmick.


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