If you’re reading this, you may have managed to set up a Pinterest account for yourself or your business.

Originally published in Black Betty Blog on January 20, 2015.

If you’re reading this, you may have managed to set up a Pinterest account for yourself or your business. I hope you were able to fill out your Pinterest profile correctly. Otherwise I’m surprised you made it to this web page. Now it is time to build the brand with engaging social media posts and top quality web content. You should avoid these common pitfalls when starting out on Pinterest.

Over specific boards, or way too general.

overspecific pinterest board

Pinterest separates images, boards and pinners by category, using the words in the description or the image file. Create boards that people will actually want to follow.

There is a Pinterest board for everything. A lot of the time you have to wonder, “Who would ever follow this and why?” On the other hand a lot of users haves boards that are too general.

overgeneral pinterest boards

For example, a lot of us have a ‘fashion’ board. But the term fashion includes everything in the world that can be worn or accessorized. Pretty soon there are thousands of pins on the fashion board, which are all unique to your individual tastes anyway. There is no incentive for another person to follow it, unless they already know you and really admire your style. Narrow it down to a type of fashion such as ‘t-strap pumps’ or ‘steampunk gadgets.’

Shameless marketing to women.

sexism on pinterest

Misogyny is the worst sin anyone could commit on Pinterest. Yes, most of the users are women, and a lot of women enjoy shopping on occasion. Cooking, interior decorating and fashion design are traditionally thought of as feminine endeavors. But women are not ravenous monsters helpless at the sight of a good sale. Logically many women keep track of the household budget and are not inclined to throw money at you just because you tell them their look needs an update.

 Making everything for weddings.

The last time I checked it was 2015. But every time I check my Pinterest feed, I feel like I’m in a Jane Austen novel. Every single decoration and hor d’oeuvre does not need to be labeled #weddings. Most women only get married a few times at the most. The rest of the time they are decorating and grooming for events other than matrimony. If you overuse the hashtag #wedding then the entire population of pinners who aren’t getting married will think that your pins are not for them.

Dedicating a board to your crush.

Think about it. If you discovered a Pinterest board dedicated exclusively to you, and there were dozens of pictures of you on it – what would you think? You would think that this person is stalking you, and had a little shrine in their closet with your portrait, flowers, incense and stuff. Basically it’s creepy. There should be no more than three pins dedicated to your favorite people per Pinterest profile. Maybe on a ‘favorite movies’ board or ‘I <3 Music.’

Dangerous craft ideas.

you cant grow citrus indoors

Arts and crafts are fun and profitable. But sometimes bloggers will get a little carried away, and recommend an idea they have never actually tried. First, if you attempt to make a center piece out of logs and kindling, it will likely start a fire. Second, Orange trees ARE FULL SUN! Citrus does not grow inside. If you attempt to bring a tree inside the leaves will fall off and it will die. Take everything you read on Pinterest with a grain of salt because some of it is shameless pandering.


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