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Our Approach

I pride myself in producing top quality writing and editing that is never spammy, and use organic techniques such as interesting blogs that people actually want to read, which are naturally enriched in keywords that encourage SEO.

Our Story

I started using WordPress as a radio intern while studying linguistics at UC Berkeley. This led to music journalism and freelance writing when I returned to San Diego. After years of contracting for agencies, and having my resume rejected by people who know less about digital marketing than me, I set up my own website.

Meet the Team

I'm from Arizona but moved to San Diego, CA in high school. I transferred to the University of California as a junior and got involved in the Bay Area music scene. This led to blogging and online marketing.

I genuinely enjoy composing random bits of content for a living. I'm in the process of writing a science fiction novel, and I'm a amateur club DJ. When not working I also like reading, hiking, yoga and gardening.

Elizabeth de Moya

Freelance Writer & Editor

Next Steps...

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