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Our Approach

I pride myself in producing top quality writing and editing that is never spammy, and use organic techniques such as interesting blogs that people actually want to read, which are naturally enriched in keywords that encourage SEO. I can make you look cool not fake.

Our Story

I started using WordPress as a radio intern while studying linguistics at UC Berkeley. After I returned to San Diego I began contributing music journalism to high traffic publications. I have worked in radio, digital, video and even a music pool, so I am familiar with different outlets. I am certified in Google Analytics and a member of the Adobe Creative Cloud.


Will you make me famous?

No. I write high quality blog posts, press releases, landing pages, artist bios and other copy.

Should I buy fake followers?

I do not recommend buying followers. They are not real people so it doesn't count because no one actually sees it. Additionally it may reflect negatively upon your brand.

How much do you charge?

My rates are comparable to a temporary contractor. Please contact me to ask about hourly rates, or pay by the word. The best deal for large projects is a monthly retainer in which you get round the clock digital media management and/or a set number of blog posts per period.

Estimated Cost:

  • $0.10 per word
  • $20 per hour
  • $1000 for 15,000 words per month. (Best deal)
  • $1500 for 15,000 word + social media or SEO

* An average blog post is 250 to 500 words, or over 1200 for in depth pieces.

Do you have any writing samples?

Check out examples of my work in the portfolio section of this website, and near the foot of my LinkedIn profile. They should link to the original article. I also publish two blogs (to the right) that demonstrate expertise in industry trends. I have worked with some of the biggest publications, tech companies and artists in electronic dance music. And I have worked at several SAAS startups.

Portrait of Elizabeth

Elizabeth de Moya

Freelance Writer & Editor

Next Steps...

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